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Companion website: "Separation of Church and State Law Blog" (left click to go directly to blog) - this website has many articles and audio teachings concerning the issue of separation of church and state.

The false religion of Islam is making great strides in the United States. Moslem leaders will do anything they can under the circumstances to advance their goal - total domination of the world by what they believe to be the one true religion. Union of religion and state, forced by the sword if necessary, is a Moslem principle.

Note. Jesus and the apostles taught Christians to love their enemies and to do good to them. The heretical teaching that the church-state union was to persecute and kill "heretics" is not taught in the Bible nor has it ever been taught or practiced by the authentic churches which proceed according the the whole counsel of God. That teaching was cemented into the theology and practice of the "church" after the marriage of "church" and state in the early fourth century. Of course that theology was adopted by those churches which came out of the Catholic "church" during the Protestant Reformation. Nonetheless, true churches and Christians throughout the history of Christianity have carried the banner of truth and have been a light to the world in spite of persections, imprisonment, beheading, drowning, being buried or burnt alive, etc. by the established "churches" working hand in hand with civil governments. The United States became the first nation, the second civil government behind the colony of Rhode Island, to implement the Biblical principle of separation of church and state (not God and state) and to grant complete religious freedom when she adopted the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. I cover these issues thoroughly in my writings and teachings.

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Muslim Persecution of Christians: Update (041813)

Islam Conquering Higher European Education (081313)
Islam In America: Mosques Popping Up Across U.S. (082013)

Textbook Jihad - Pro-Islamic Textbooks Infiltrate Florida Schools (08__13)
Radical Islam New Training Ground As Muslim Prison Population Jumps 200% (080213)

Iran: Syrian Crisis Preclude To Coming Of Mahdi (062713)

Hezbollah Entry Into Syrian Conflict Should Lead To Larger Shiite-Sunni Regional War (060813)
Christian Schools In Gaza Threatened With Closure By Hamas (060913)
Islamists 'Staking Claim' With Maryland 'Cultural Center' (06_13)
Britain's Islamic Future (053113)
Muslim Brotherhood Gains Foothold In Boston (060613)
Arabs Rally For Establishment Of Islamic Caliphate, Hope For The Soon Arrival Of Mahdi (060513)

Iran: Syrian Revolution Could Be Catalyst For Return Of Mahdi (080413)

TV Campaign Promoting Mohammed As The "Savior Of Humanity" About To Blitz Australia (070613)
Christians Targeted For Retribution In Egypt (071213)
Egyptian Revolution Triggers Unexpected Regional Realignment (071013)

US Imam Calls On Muslims In US To Wage Jihad (022613)
Britain's Sharia Courts: "You Cannot Go Against What Islam Says" (042313)

Islamists Tell The Truth When They Think Western Eyes Aren't Watching (052313)
Swedish Multiculturalism Is Gone Awry (052413)
Islam Taking Over, Europe Soon To Be Unrecognizable (052813)
Turkey Stakes Claim In America With $100.00 Mega-Mosques (052113)
One Country, Two Religions And Three Very Telling Pictures: The Empty Pews At Churches Just Yards From An Overcrowded Mosque (052913)
Christianity Declining 50 pc Faster Than Thought - As One In 10 Under 25s Is A Muslim (051613)
France's Growing Islamist Problem (051413)

Muslim Militants Turn Nigeria Into Christian Killing Field (050213)
Belgium Erasing Christianity For Islam (043013)
Iran: Jews Using Sorcery Against Us (042913)
Where Do Muslims Really Stand On Shariah Law? Global Study Provides Fascinating Revelations (050113)

How Rife Is Anti-Semitism Among Muslims? One Muslim Writer Courageously Exposes The "Jewish Problem" (032913)
Staggering Numbers Of Women Converting To Islam (031213)
Allah Finds A Home In German Cathedral (032713)
Rise Of Islam Fuels Christian Persecutions (032413)
Egyptian Mosque Turned Into House Of Torture After Muslim Brotherhood Protest (032613)

Muslim Civil War? Iran Encourages Shiite Uprising In Saudi Arabia (030913)

Islam's Path To Africa (021613)

Sharia Law Swallowing Indonesia (020713)

Jihad Vs. Jihad: New Evidence Suggests Hezbollah Fighters Are In Syria Fighting For Assad (021813)

Post Christian Europe Finds Churches Closed or Turned Into Mosques (021213)
Radical Islam Surging In Balkans (02_13)
Two Children To  Be Tried For Insulting Islam In Egypt As Anti-Christian Hostility Escalates (020313)

Plans For Muslim Housing Enclave In Sydney Suburb (010913)
Why Middle East Muslims Are Taught To Hate Jews (013013)
European "No-Go" Zones For Non-Muslims Proliferating (082211)
Egyptian Court Sentences Christian Family tO 15 Years For Converting From Islam (011613)
Al Gore's Current TV Opens The Door To Islamic Psychological War (010413)
Islamic Influence In UK Textbook Means Israel Is Wiped Off The Map (010313)
The Islamization Of France In 2012 (010213)

Syrian Rebels Next Target After Assad - Israel (11712).

Kuwait Passes Law To Execute Those Who Slander Islam And The Prophet (121412).

The Islamization Of Germany In 2012 (122412).

Muslim's Population Of Britain Doubles (122112).

New Army Manual Orders Soldiers Not To Criticize Taliban Or Anything Related To Islam (121112).

British Census: Islam Fastest-Growing Faith In England: Christians Drop to 59% Of Population (121212).

Egyptians Fear Decades Of Muslim Brotherhood Rule, Warn Morsi Is No Friend To US (120112).

Is Egypt's President Fulfilling Biblical Prophecy (120212).

When Technology Meets Sharia - Saudi Women Monitored With Electronic Tracking (112212).

Islamic Sharia Law Comes To Great Britain (111512).

London's Mega Mosque: "Recruiting Ground For Al Quada (111412).

Belgium Will Become An Islamic State (110912).
Muslim Persecution Of Christians: Update
Islam Overtaking Catholicism As Dominant Religion In France (110212).
UN Representative Calls For Establishing A World Capital' - In Islamic Istanbul (110212).
Troubles Continue For Christians In Egypt As Muslim Brotherhood Drafts Sharia Law (110212).

Egypt: Kill A Christian, Collect A Reward (090412).
Muslim Persecution Of Christians Update (083112). See below for earlier articles on this matter.
Muslim Persecution Of Christians: Update (100412). See below for earlier articles on this matter.

New Poll Reveals American Muslim Views On Election, Constitution And Sharia Law (110412).
New Poll: Egyptians Turning Toward Iran, Want Nuclear Weapons (101912).
Sharia Law Limits Will Put New Egyptian Constitution To The Test (101812).
Egyptian President Mouths 'Amen' As Egyptian Preacher Urges 'Allah, Destroy The Jews' (102112).
The Afghanistanization Of The Middle East (100212).
Iran Official: 'Big War' Means Mahdi's Coming (092012)

Turkish PM: Ban Criticism Of Muslims Worldwide (092112)

Jordan On the Brink: Muslim Brothers Mobilize For King Abdullah's Overthrow

Survey Shows 74 Percent Increase In U.S. Mosques In Past Decade (090612).
Muslim Brotherhood Rising Jihadists Coordinating Attacks? (091212).
Post-Arab Spring "Moderate" Muslim Regimes Cornered By Radicals (091512).
Egyptian-Iranian Intelligence Meeting Prompts Fears Of A New Middle East Terror Axis (091112).
Analysis: Brotherhood Taking Total Control Of Egypt (082312).
Germany: "Islamists Want To Bring Jihad To Europe" (082112).
Dangerous Proliferation Of Mosques In U.S. (081912).
670 Million Muslims Expect Mahadi In Their Lifetime (081912).
Israel Eyes Russian Naval Movement Near Syrian Port (080512).
The Mega Mosques Boom (080312).
Lessons From The Past: Will Egypt Become Another Iran? (080212).
Who Will Save the Christians in the Gaza Strip? (072012).
Muslim Persecution of Christians: June 2012 Update (072612).
How Political Correctness Is Transforming British Education (071612).
Jihadi Tourism Hits Europe (071812).
Muslim Group: 'Wipe Christianity From Face Of Earth' (071412).
Iranian Ideology Infiltrates Canada, Calls To Attack America (071412).
Radical Islam Spreading In Spain (070312).
Islamists Have The Keys To The Arab World (070312).
Report: Al Quida Planning To Crash US Airline During London Olympics (070112).
New Egyptian President Wants To Rethink Peace Treaty With Israel, Buiild Iranian Ties (062512).
'Allahu Akbar' Shock Video Shows Muslims Allegedly 'Stoning' Christian Protestors In ... Michigan (062712).
Muslim Brotherhood Looks To Restore Islamic Caliphate After The Egyptian Victory (062712).
Morsi Will Use Street Power For Egyptian Presidency While The US Backs Brotherhood (061812).
Islamism On The Rise In Turkey (061712).
World's Most Powerful Iman To Rise? (061712).
Jerusalem To Become Egypt's Capitall Under Mursi's Rule, Says Muslim Cleric (060712).
A Tale Of Two American Martyrs (061212).
Cairo In Turmoil: Generals Assume Legislative Powers As Parliament Is Dissolved (061412).
Kuwait: New Deat Penalty For Blasphemy (0614112).
Man Gets 10 Years In Kuwaiti Prison For Allegedly Sending Anti-Prophet Mohammad Tweets (060512).
We're Now Selling The Most Advanced Missle System To This Islamic State (060612).
Christians Should "Convert, Pay Tribute, Or Leave," Says Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Candidate (053012).
Muslim Brotherhood Planning To Take Over Jordan (053012)..
NYC School Makees Learning Arabic Mandatory By Elementary Students (060412).
Finland's Iranian Mega-Mosque (052912).
Jordan: Bank Firse Women For Refusing To Wear Hijab (052412).
"Feeding Hate": Islamic Separation In Britain (952412).
Top Saudi Cleric: Ban Christian Churches In Arabia, Let Girls Marry At 10 (052312).
Muslim Voters Change Europe (051712).
Muslim Persecution of Christians: April 2012 (051812).
Huge Numbers Think Islam In Conflict With The West (051412).
Making Chechnya "More Islamic Than the Islamists (042912).
Egyptian Cleric Claims Muslim Brotherhood Presidential Candidate Will Make Jerusalem 'The Capital of Caliphate' (050712).
Sharia Prom? School Holds All-Girls Dance To Accomodate Students' Islamic Beliefs (050712).
Iran Turning Mosques Worldwide Into Command Centers (050912).
'Offending' God, Quran, Or Mohammed Could Mean Death For Kuwait's Muslims (050412).
Numbers of Muslims, Mormons Rising Sharply (050112).
Bombings Spread In Syria As Al Qaeda Seizes Control Of Rebel Factions (043012).
Kuwait Considering Death Penalty For Blasphemy Against Islam (043012).
When Islamists Rule: Sex With The Dead And child Brides Could Become Legal In Egypt (042612).
Anti-Christian And Anti-Jewish Sentiment In Malaysia (042512).
Muslim Persecution Of Christians : March 2012 (042512).
Britain: Muslim 'Cultural Sensitivity' Runs Amok (042012).
Gay Marriage Has Islamists Eyeing Polygamy (041612).
Church Banned From Using Public Market Stall After Distributing Leaflet Criticizing Islam (041612).
How The Media Whitewashes Muslim Persecution Of Christians (041312).
"Diversity": They Drive Us Out, We Invite Them In (041612).
Christian Workers In Gulf Countries Warned About Saudi Cleric's Call To 'Destroy Churches' (032712).
"I Will Make London A Beacon of Islam" Mayor Candidate Says (032312).
Egypt's Brotherhood Considering Presidential Run ().
Book Telling Muslim Men How to Beat And Control Their Wives Sells Out In Toronto (032312).
Islamists Nearly Wipe Out Christians In Syrian City (032612).
Islamic Store Eight Miles From White House Still Selling Radical Materials (041312).
Islamic Terror Group Wants Somalia Rid Of Christians (041312).
Germany: A Koran In Every Household (041112).
Tunesians Face Seven years In Jail For Cartoon Images of Muhammed On Facebook (040512).
Reinventing History: Moses Was A Great Muslim Who Liberated Palestine From Egypt (040412).
Giddafi-Armed Islamic Rebels Take Over Huge Swath Of Africa (041212).
Christian Coptic Teen Gets 3 Years In Jail For Offensivee Muhammed Illustrations (041112).
Shariah Law Is Ultimate Goal Of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Candidate (041112).
Jihad In France Just Beginning (040212).
Italy: "Mosques Springing Up Like Mushrooms" (040212).
Islamists Find Foothold In Syria Revolt (032912).
Arab Revolts Bring Islamic Regional Vision Closer (032512).
Islamic Group Launches Nationwide Sharia Education Campaign (030512).

Companion website: "Separation of Church and State Law Blog" (left click to go directly to blog) - this website has many articles and audio teachings concerning the issue of separation of church and state.