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BLC Testimonials


The Biblical Law Center ("BLC") receives sterling testamonials from many pastors who have organized the churches they pastor as New Testament Churches solely under the Lord Jesus Christ. They praise the Lord regarding the help they have received from the BLC in organizing as New Testament churches, and the joy that they now have due to the closer relationship with our Savior. In most, but not all cases, no names, addresses, phone numbers or any other identifying information will be included for several reasons. At this point, I will just say that the Lord's true New Testament churches are growing in number, for His Glory.

Click the following to hear a sermon by Pastor Jason Cooley and a lecture given by Attorney Jerald Finney on August 26, 2012 at the celebration and conversion of a state church into a First Amendment church: "Sermons" page of "Separation of Church and State Law Website" (Scroll down to number 26 (Sermon by Pastor Jason Cooley, "Whose House Is It Anyway?) and number 27 (lecture by Jerald Finney on "Hierarchy of Law").

Click the following link to listen to a sermon by Biblical Law Center Pastor Tony Digrugilliers: "Nothing to Fear." This is an inspiring and informative message given on April 21, 2009. Pastor Digrugilliers leads a New Testament church (non-state, non-incorporated, non-501(c)(3) church). He understands the biblical principles of church, state, and separation of church and state and loves the Lord as demonstrated by the organization and operation of the church he pastors.

The following sermon is now linked to this page: "Pressure, Power, Prayer, and Purpose (Click this link and scroll down to the sermon)." This is a wonderful message by Biblical Law Center Pastor Greg Dzula, who oversees an inner city church in Indianapolis, Indiana-Crown of Life Baptist Church. In the sermon he offers keen insights not only as to the plight of those in the inner city, but also the plight of America and American churches in general.

Also, a great sermon by BLC pastor Tom Chestnut will be linked to this page in the next week or two (This is added on May 13, 2009).

From an e-mail from the pastor of a Biblical Law Center church received on January 19, 2009; 6:55 p.m.

In this day in which we live, it is easy for a pastor to warm himself by the devil's fire or cry beneath the juniper tree because of all the pressures put on him to conform to the world's standards. I think we may have all wondered if we might crumble under the coming pressure. Thank God for the help of the Biblical Law Center. It is a season of refreshing from the Lord to be able to work with the B.L.C. I know the meticulous care with which they work, the seriousness of each decision, knowing that the work they do is the work of the Master, and handling it all with love. That is the B.L.C. Our church is in order now, God is blessing and I am thankful man for knowing them. - ______________, Pastor/Trustee of ________________.


From an e-mail from the pastor of a Biblical Law Center church received January 19, 2009, 7:12 p.m.:


Even before I was ordained I had people in several different parts of the country wanting me to come and set up a unregistered church. This happened because for years I had been well known for traveling, speaking and preaching publicly as well as doing daily radio.  Preparing to face an Ordination Board is one thing, starting a new church in a new place is something else. I needed  help and advice, and I needed it now. Barbara Ketay and The Biblical Center provided that help. They helped with the 'paperwork' we all dread.  They explained what I should do and why I should do certain things a certain way.  I had no idea  how to set up any church let alone an unregistered one. I see The Biblical Law is part of my team, my ministry and I am glad to have them both with me and helping to 'watch my back'. Signed: _____________

Companion website: "Separation of Church and State Law Blog" (left click to go directly to blog) - this website has many articles and audio teachings concerning the issue of separation of church and state.